About Us

The exterior of Concept Consulting's office located in East Kilbride

Concept Management Systems International Ltd (Concept Consulting) was established in 1994 and in its early years focused on the need to assist clients with the implementation of Management Systems, which included Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety amongst others.

Concept Consulting always had an interest in the Internet and we had our first foray into websites back in 1994. In 1999, we formalised that into our Online division which, in essence seeks to manage our client’s presence on the internet. We now manage well over 100 websites for clients ranging from small 1 person companies to large organisations who have several websites.

We are probably a unique company, at least in Scotland, in having these 2 strands to our business. Although they may appear a somewhat diverse mix, they are in fact joined at the hip, in that on many occasions, the best way to provide compliance with a regulation is to provide a record of that compliance and what better way to manage that record of compliance than by using digital media and storage to do just that!

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